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2016–17 Project Summaries: Union des consommateurs

Union des consommateurs
6226 Saint-Hubert Street
Montreal, QC  H2S 2M2
Tel.: (514) 521-6820
Fax: (514) 521-0736

Credit contracts: signatory solidarity

Union des consommateurs will conduct a comprehensive literary review on credit contracts information available to consumers. The review will examine the relevance of information relating to the co-signing and endorsements of variable credit and personal loans. In addition, Union des consommateurs will conduct focus group research to provide additional insight into consumers' needs, knowledge of responsibilities, and understanding of information when considering a joint commitment. Their findings will help review and analyze frameworks, and thus offer new ways to improve consumer protection.

Debt settlement and financial recovery companies: Too risky an option?

Union des consommateurs will provide an updated outlook on the effects of debt settlement and financial recovery services on consumers who make use of them. They will analyze the Canadian landscape for problematic practices and various frameworks, and then determine how some businesses specializing in debt settlement and financial recovery are operating. They will highlight loopholes in existing laws or, in some areas, the lack of legislation. A comparative study of legislation in Canada and elsewhere will help identify gaps that may limit consumer protection. They will then make recommendations to better protect Canadian consumers.

Limits on unlimited services: Are consumers adequately protected?

Union des consommateurs will study the main source of consumer problems and complaints regarding unlimited telecommunications services. Their project will propose changes to laws and regulatory frameworks to ensure that service providers conform to their obligations. As such, Union des consommateurs will help lay the necessary groundwork and identify the benchmarks that may help effectively direct advertising of unlimited telecommunication services in Canada.

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