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2016–17 Project Summaries: Consumers Council of Canada

Consumers Council of Canada
Commercial Building
201-1920 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4S 3E2
Tel.: (416) 483-2696
Fax: (416) 483-2696

Consumer redress, chargebacks and merchant responses in distant transactions

The Consumers Council of Canada (CCC) will study consumer attitudes and merchant responses related to disputes in e-commerce (or distant) transactions. They will examine what consumers do to reconcile disputes with merchants, how merchants respond to what those consumers do, and how debt collection practices affect and are affected by these trends. CCC will also probe the dispute resolution mechanisms in various major e-commerce platforms and the regulatory environment governing these decisions. The report will thus help Canadian consumer groups and policy makers better understand current trends and legislation initiatives regarding distant sales practices.

Dynamic pricing - can consumers achieve the benefits they expect?

The Consumers Council of Canada (CCC) will outline the possible harm to consumers from potentially abusive pricing practices as retail business moves to more extensive use of dynamic pricing. This study will determine the consumers' awareness and misconceptions about dynamic pricing, and what business and Government can do to ensure consumers' rights are protected. It will offer consumers and consumer groups a better awareness of dynamic pricing issues.

Incenting energy efficient retrofits: risks and opportunities for consumers

The Consumers Council of Canada (CCC) will examine if there is a need to better deliver incentive programs and regulate home renovators or equipment installers. Their study will explore the risks and opportunities for consumers of home energy efficiency retrofits and renovations that are driven by government and utility incentives. The study will also examine the safeguards that governments and utilities have adopted to protect consumers from renovations that are not properly executed. CCC will then make recommendations to promote greater consumer confidence and enhance the quality of services provided by home renovators or equipment installers in Canada.

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